Adhesive Strips

Blue Plastic Strips 50 Pack

  • Detectable – Visually and electromagnetically
  • Water Resistant Adhesive – Seals wound from outside contamination.
  • Non-Stick Wound Pad – Protective cushion for the wound.
  • Island Dressing – Seals all around, protecting the wound.
  • Extra Wide – 25mm wide for extra coverage.
  • Sterile and Suitable for Food Handling.

Trafalgar’s Blue Adhesive Strips are sterile and designed for the kitchen, featuring water resistant material and extra hold it’s the ideal way to seal off and cover up and minor abrasions to prevent contamination.

The Blue Adhesive Strips are detectable both visually and electromagnetically, while they are recommended for manufacturing and restaurant industries they are the also suitable for the everyday use.

Comes in a box of 50 adhesive strips, offers extra wide 25mm coverage and protective cushion to help heal faster. The protective cushion seals all around to stop any outside contamination.