Strapping Tape

Sports Tape w2.5cm 25mm x 15m

  • Strong woven fabric for maximum durability & strength.
  • Zinc oxide adhesive for extra strong adhesion.
  • Hand tearable (serrated) edges, tears easily.
  • Unwinds easily & evenly from the roll.
  • Moulds well to the body part being taped.
  • Handles well off the roll without creasing.
  • Air permeability allows for evaporation of sweat, maintaining strength and stability.

Trafalgar’s Sport Strapping Tape offers strong stable and secure support restricting the movement in joint area, helping to prevent excessive stress on joint area, contains zinc oxide adhesive to help hold tape in place while doing a physical activity or sport.

Designed with serrated edges, that offers the convenience to tear by hand and no need to carry additional scissors.

28mm –Recommended for injured Finger, Toe and small joints