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Brand Recognition

As a trusted and well established brand on the market for the past 60 years, Trafalgar First Aid is constantly refining and creating innovative products to suit the ever changing retail market and demand.

Product Quality & Compliance

Trafalgar First Aid products are listed with the Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). As such it complies with strict quality guidelines.

All Trafalgar First Aid Kits designed for workplace environments comply with various legislative standards required in each state of Australia.


We recognise that first aid kit customisation is essential for specialist applications. Our experienced product development team can personalise a kit to your requirements. Whatever your choice, you are assured of a quality product that will reflect your corporate identity and make a lasting impression. (Minimum quantities apply)

Service Delivery

Our dedicated Customer Service team is committed to delivering a high quality level of service. Our Sales professionals have extensive product knowledge and experience to ensure that your product range is aligned with your corporate growth initiatives and sales strategies.

The Trafalgar First Aid National Warehouse and Distribution Centre is located in Sydney and we guarantee to ship your order within 24 hours if the product is in stock.

Easy Ordering

Our online ordering system allows all distribution centres and stores to order direct if required. We are also equipped to provide EDI and cross docking compliant in response to the demanding needs of the network.

To stock our range please call our team on 1300 361 899

For product flyers and stocking information,  please see below.


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Blue Plastic Strips.pdf 160.6 KB
Heavy Crepe Bandage, 3x Value Pack.pdf 165.3 KB
Heavy Crepe Bandages.pdf 159.5 KB
Instant Ice Packs.pdf 169.7 KB
Medium Crepe Bandage, 3x Value Pack.pdf 160.8 KB
Medium Crepe Bandages.pdf 159.3 KB
Personal First Aid Kit.pdf 146.0 KB
Premium Fabric Strips.pdf 152.9 KB
Premium Plastic Strips.pdf 162.3 KB
Quickit First Aid Kit.pdf 136.1 KB
Reusable Hot & Cold Twin Pack.pdf 128.9 KB
Sports First Aid Kit.pdf 132.9 KB
Sports Strapping Tapes.pdf 171.5 KB
TFA_Shutdown_Notification_03.pdf 773.5 KB
Travel First Aid Kit.pdf 135.5 KB

Point of Sale by Trafalgar

Trafalgar has a wide range of in store programs to encourage promotion through your store.